Congrats! You made it through the first week. You may be wondering…


  1. Text your whole roster, especially those who did not show up the first week- For those of you that have been charged with taking attendance, please do this every week. Statistically, your group will grow if you weekly text all of the ‘potential students’ that I emailed you as well as the students who have attended.
  2. Read the Rules- This past week you asked your students three questions (If you didn’t, do it this next week. It’s that important.) Out of those three questions, you should have gotten a list of rules. Consolidate the rules to less than five, print them out, and read them EVERY time before the discussion as to set the tone for the discussion.
  3. Phone Basket: Tell your students to put their phone in the basket before discussion, this allows them to focus on the discussion instead of instagram.
  4. Service Leader: Tell your students what service you volunteer for! The best groups have leaders that serve during the weekends. If you are not serving during the weekends, I would strongly encourage it.
  5. Study the curriculum- Most groups are using RightNow Media. If you can, come up with questions before you get to group.
  6. Top Influencer lead the GameIf you are extra amazing, you will start noticing which students will be your key influencers and have them prepare a game every week. This will inject your group with a spirit of servanthood and will help your leaders have ownership over the group.

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